Gustav Brovold - Hyperbolic Space

Gustav Brovold - Hyperbolic Space

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Electro Techno

"PGS 011 comes to us from Gustav Brovold, an essential player in Detroit's latest wave of underground electronic music. His début EP, "Hyperbolic Space" is the first release solely dedicated to the local legend, with influences ranging from 90s UK rave, apocalyptic techno, and bright, post-Drexciyan electro. Since the late-aughts, Brovold has been a fixture of Detroit's dance community; first as a member of Randy Chabot's Deastro project, and then a pillar of the after-hours scene through raves with the ADULT Contemporary collective, all the while sprinkling in rare, must-see all-hardware-based live shows around the city. Moments of brilliance have boiled over the surface globally, with appearances on Don't Be Afraid as Radio Brovold in 2015, the Detroit Electronic Quarterly's "DEQ Vol. 7" in 2016, and on the punishing opener of PGS 009's with "Temple of the Circuit" earlier this year.

Following a live show at Detroit's Donovan's Pub in late 2018, Zach (Shigeto) came to the obvious realization–this music is the reason why we started PGS, and needed to release the music to a wider audience. Brovold handed PGS a flash drive with hours of completed music, a gold mine in bits and bites. "Hyperbolic Space" represents a cohesive sampling of the mountain of tracks from Brovold's vaults, propelling PGS into the next decade. Play it in your car, or at unauthorized raves, and dance to the airwaves of Radio Brovold." - Portage Garage Sounds

Closing "Hyperbolic Space" is the bright-but-sinister electro of "SMC2", with wobbly, alternating dry/wet basslines. With influence from the decades of dark dance music behind it, "SMC2" is a nod to where we are in 2019: post-Dopplereffekt, with allusions to the early productions of Kode9 and The Spaceape.