Witch - Kuomboka (ICE 006R)

Witch - Kuomboka (ICE 006R)

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Afro & Highlife AOR Disco Invisible City Editions Island Reissue

If Movin' On is Witch's Rumours then Kuomboka is their Tusk; a remarkable follow-up to a timeless album that shows the band taking greater risks in songwriting and playfully experimenting with production techniques. This album is Witch's stunning swansong before the fast-changing music industry and political environment in Zambia took its toll on the group. Again rooted in American FM radio, from soft rock ballads to boogie, this album sees the group embrace their Zambian roots to a greater degree, which is reflected in the rhythms and even the title of the album. This time around Patrick Mwondela pushes his synth work and electronic production to a whole other level. Kuomboka is the unforgettable last voyage of this legendary band.
Artwork redesigned by Laura Schutte. Originally designed by Gary Abugan & Myth Paradise.

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ICE 006R