DJ Bert & Eagle - I Am Your Master

DJ Bert & Eagle - I Am Your Master

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Outsider Reissue Wave & Mutant Dance

"It may surprise you, but this record hasn't been made on a synthesiser. In the late seventies they didn't really exist yet, and the ones that existed were too expensive. That's why I first bought an organ. I've been crazy for little lights on machines all my life, so this particular one was something for me.

The funny thing is that the last person who played the organ before I bought it, was Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was Mister World at the time and he was in Bruges for the opening of a fitness, and at the happening he played a little music on the organ. Two days later, the organ was delivered to my studio, in the back of the retirement home my mum was running at the time, and which i'm running now. It's a jazz organ. It was very expensive, very special and for advanced musicians, but I was a total noob. So I tried studying arrangements with a very good jazz musician whose mum was in the retirement facility. I quickly realised I was following the rules too strictly and I was losing my singularity, so I quit the class. I've always been more of an autodidact anyway, I prefer to break every instrument apart so I can learn all the sounds I can make with them. I did the same with the organ: I pushed it to it's limits and tried playing with special chords. In the end I came up with these two songs. It was 1980 or 1981, I don't remember exactly.

I wanted to make some kind of horror record because all things hereafter have always been one of my many obsessions. I had been borrowing loads of church organ music from the library for quite a while already, and I loved Vincent Price and doing weird voices, so it all came together on these tracks.

'I am your master' was inspired by a particular Dracula movie I had just seen at the time. The count was travelling from an island to the mainland, and there were shots of people behind bars in a psychiatry, with heaps of flies fleeing inside and the weather changing, and one of them said “The master is coming”. It all went from there." - STROOM