Madlaks, Hot Slot Machine - Dance Forever Young Marco Reworks

Madlaks, Hot Slot Machine - Dance Forever Young Marco Reworks

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Afro & Highlife Bubblegum & Kwaito House Reissue

Officially licensened South African Houseremix by Young Marco. Top Copy! Read the beguiling press release by Marco lol:

"Urgent: Our agents recently tracked Safe Trip ringleader Young Marco to South Africa, where he was spotted handing out writable compact discs – “CD-Rs” – covered in handwritten text. This text read: “Past Fire – PF99 – Dance Forever”. Upon further investigation we discovered that this CD-R contained two audio recordings of local origin from the 1990s and 2000s rearranged (“re-edited” in street slang) by Young Marco.

The first rearranged recording is by a local recruit called Madlaks. Entitled “Jikovunu” and dated 2006, it is a bright and breezy affair marked out by bold piano riffs, bustling breakbeats and “acid-style” synthesizer bass. This version has become widely known as “We Dance Forever” in reference to its repeated vocal hook. The second audio missive dates back to 1992 and was originally produced by Hot Slot Machine. This new rework from our shadowy nemesis emphasizes a rolling and futuristic electronic bassline, a shuffling hip-house style rhythm track, classic house elements and a soulful vocal. We believe that its positive sound and message will prove popular amongst Safe Trip’s growing network of contacts." - Safe Trip