Moon Rock 3

Moon Rock 3

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Downtempo New Age & Ambient

"With each successive volume of Throne of Blood’s MOON ROCK compilations, the New York label attains a deeper appreciation of electronic music’s most chakra-massaging tendencies, participating in a communal dialogue devoted to a new dynamic beyond the confines of the dance floor.

Sharing a spiritual and aesthetic kinship with a burgeoning community of psychonauts and astral voyagers like Multi Culti, Emotional Response’s Scheißen series, Andras Fox’s A.R.T. Wilson project, MOON ROCK VOLUME 3 casts a wide net, folding in crystalline contributions from label veterans like Steve Moore, Ulysses, Curses, Luv*Jam, Anti Hero (aka Chris McIntyre from Jokers of the Scene), Clean Plate (aka Pink Skull), Tempelhof, and Pittsburgh Track Authority, as well as expansive contributions from friends like Stone’s Throw affiliate Chrome Canyon, LA mainstays Kisses and Anzano,’s Apiento & Co., CCC’s Night Plane, Peacefeast mailman Tim Love Lee, and Hivern Discs’s C.P.I.

Pushing beyond the terrain so capably explored in Volumes 1 and 2, MOON ROCK VOLUME 3 begins in a familiar place with cyclical arpeggios and orchestration deeply indebted to Brian Eno. An interlude of reverb-drenched percussion and harp segues into cinematic synths and a series of selections rooted in the low slung rhythms of chillout. Fluctuations in intensity slowly give way to a darker tone as more unnerving drones and atmospheres close out this fifteen track selection.

As always, MOON ROCK is music for comedowns, meditation retreats, and adventures beyond the Ultraworld." - Throne Of Blood