Processor - Sea Side

Processor - Sea Side

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Canadian Industrial & Post Punk New Age & Ambient New Wave & Synth Pop

"Processor’s music is created using driving bass guitar rhythms, pulsing synthesizer sequences, tapes and other modulated sounds. Titles on the limited edition (200 copies) LP include: Motel, Loiter, Bus Ride, Radio, Default, Poems, Jasmine and the title track Sea Side.

Processor began in 2011 when lighting designer M Joakim met cartoonist Lorenz Peter and the two shared their passion in making electronic noise and sound collage. Since then they have released five EP's and two full-length albums, as well as appearing on several compilations.

The band is involved in numerous side projects: Lorenz also plays synth in duos such as Corpusse, Bay of Creatures, Les Fontaines and Off World. Joakim plays synth in No Colour Blue and solo as Saturn City. Collaborators include Sandro Perri, Heiki Sillaste, Scott McGreggor-Moore, Jay Isaac, and Jess Forrest of Castle If.

Processor's music has been most accurately described by Mutek festival as "...rides an unruly line between chaos, composition and punk beauty" and also "relentless hypnotic noise within composed, genre-defying music."

In recent years Processor has performed in multi-media events in galleries such as AGO with photographer Kate Young and with visual artist Antonia Kuo of NYC at Cinecycle. Processor has provided a live soundtrack for a rendition of Stephen Spielberg's Duel at Channel festival with video artists Tasman Richardson, Brett Despotovich, and others.

In addition, Processor has re-imagined their sound for a spaced out multi-media show; Lorenz's Space Cat comic book creations are animated and synthesized by Joakim for a two-hour epic saga projection-mapped at the Nuit Blanche North festival.

Processor returns to form with their latest full length album entitled Sea Side. Bass guitar and Moog synth with vintage drum machine beats provide futuristic blissful noise." - Paper + Sound