Ruutu Poiss - Palav Aed

Ruutu Poiss - Palav Aed

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Electronic & Synth Experimental House New Wave & Synth Pop

"Wake Dream is proud to present Palav Aed, the first full length album by Amsterdam/Tallinn based Estonian musician Ruutu Poiss.

Recorded over the course of seven years from 2012 to 2019 in various home studios in Ruutu Poiss’ home town Tallinn, the tracks on Palav Aed were all made revolving around the same equipment constellation, the album sounding as coherent as it sounds timeless.

Having released several 7”s, 12”s and EPs on Levels, International Major Label, Rets Records and being featured on various compilations from Fasaan Rec. and Porridge Bullet, Ruutu Poiss defined a sonic universe of his own that is equally unique as it is familiar.

Rich in influences and references, from ethereal harmonics and melodics that might be traced back to his background in choral music, to saturated synth funk and psychedelic futurism, Palav Aed is a document that encompasses the full range of Ruutu Poiss, a musician peacefully floating through leftfield electronics, experiments and sonic imaginations." - Wake Dream