//TENSE// - Escape

//TENSE// - Escape

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Electro Industrial & Post Punk

"We are really excited to introduce you the cold factory sounds of the Houston duo //TENSE//, with a 12'' 5-tracks, surely one of our top-notch releases for 2011.

After an acclaimed tour opening for Nitzer Ebb in North America and a prolific production for Desire Records, //TENSE// is back in their creepy studio and the result is a constellation of brooding synth bass lines, pounding electronic drum pad sounds, movie samples and distorted vocals that sound pitch perfect underneath all of the madness.

To have an accurate idea of what we are talking about, imagine that Snake Plissken never escaped New York and he started an electro body music band with The Duke. Then, youare almost close to.

//TENSE// are definitely bringing back to life the earlier days of EBM, in a funky-industrial mixture that is so close to the shiny mid 80s period of Cabaret Voltaire or earlier Ministry, think early Wax Trax-era US industrial (Ministry, Skinny Puppy) crossed with the more minimal european wave sound (Absolute Body Control, A Split - Second)." - Mannequin

Vinyl in NM, slight wear on cover