Tommy Mandel - Mello Magic (ICE 014 Test Pressing)
Tommy Mandel - Mello Magic (ICE 014 Test Pressing)

Tommy Mandel - Mello Magic (ICE 014 Test Pressing)

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AOR Electronic & Synth Invisible City Editions

Limited edition screen printed and stamped test pressing of ICE 014 Tommy Mandel - Mello Magic. Designed by Marko Vuleta-Djukanov and screen printed by Private Press Printing. Includes 11x17 poster. Hand numbered in edition of 50. One Per Customer.

Tommy Mandel’s “Mello Magic” on Invisible City Editions is a compilation of personal synth-laden pop songs created between 1980-87 in NYC. His professional work as a keyboardist and vocalist found him on stage and in the studio with many of the 80s greats from the Clash, Todd Rundgren, B-52s, Violent Femmes, The Ramones, Tina Turner, Mark Ronson, Dire Straits and Bryan Adams. While offstage and out of the major studio sessions, Tommy wrote in little books, made animation films and hooked up a massive amount of synthesizers, sequencers, microphones and recorded songs like diary entries. He self released almost 20 CDs, cassettes and one Self Titled 12” Ep. Each song selected here is stunningly simple, lush, desperate, playful, and harmonic, touching on disparate tangents like Brian Wilson, Egyptian Lover, Michael Shrieve,Holger Czukay, Ariel Pink, YMO, AOR FM West Coast Rock, Arthur Russell, Martin Denny, Peter Gordon, Drexciya, Prince and Private Issued New Age Boogie. Tommy recently jokingly coined his music “corporate ambient” and and it all shouldn’t work, but somehow he manages to effortlessly make each song a Tommy Mandel song - DIY, homespun,personal, stunning, and not too serious. This is perfect pop, charming, sincere, infectious and the work of a humble, good hearted, romantic savant. Tommy Mandel’s “Mello Magic” will be out on limited LP Vinyl release and available Spring 2018. Be sure to check his ambient new age LP from his cassette “Music For Insomniacs” also out soon on ICE/Intelligent Instruments. Designed by Marko Vuleta-Djukanov. - Sesto F

Side A
A1 Haunted (By The Girl He Always Wanted)
A2 Only Lover (w Zenobia Conkerite)
A3 Ain’t Got No Money
A4 Music Business
A5 Young Boy Dance (w Martha Gehman)

Side B
B1 Nose Dive
B2 I Just Want You to Love Me (w Maria Vidal)
B3 Allow Me (To Destroy You)
B4 Kin Tama
B5 Friend

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