Tommy Mandel - Music For Insomniacs (1984 Cassette)
Tommy Mandel - Music For Insomniacs (1984 Cassette)

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Tommy Mandel - Music For Insomniacs (1984 Cassette)

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“In today’s world, it’s harder than ever to let go & find sleep. So kick back and let this pastel soundscape from the NYC synth rocker, TM™ ♪ drift you off to dreamland like it was 1984...” -Tommy Mandel

Tommy Mandel’s “Music For Insomniacs” is a self released cassette from 1984 recorded on 4 track in NYC and contains 8 songs each inspired by the 8 waves of sleep from Alpha to Theta. Starting with minimalist pulsating lively shifting keys that languish into eerie and hauntingly beautiful lulls of vocal harmonies and synthwaves,like a guide for the restless somnambulists. “Music for Insomniacs” is In the vein of a Private Issued New Age cassette with touches of Brian Bennett, Angelo Badalamenti, Nino Rota and Arthur Russell.

We’ve got a handful of these cassettes from Tommy including artwork he created himself. Both A and B sides have the same songs on it so flip it on Auto Reverse, dim the lights and fade out. Each cassette comes along with the prescription:

Rx: Play softly before retiring. More effective with continued use.

Coming Soon and re-mastered and baked from 2inch tape on ICE 017 in partnership with Tommy Mandel.